The 5 essential benefits of Superbonus: the analysis of Cortexa
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The 5 essential benefits of Superbonus: the analysis of Cortexa

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categories: Energy saving  Friday 17 June 2022

The 5 essential benefits of Superbonus: the analysis of Cortexa

Italian Superbonus 110% and Thermal Insulation Systems

Cortexa, the italian associative project for the Thermal Insulation System, committed since 2007 in spreading the culture of quality of built through the energy efficiency of buildings, is in favor of the Superbonus, illustrating the main reasons why this measure - if stabilized and appropriately linked to strict quality criteria - represents the most effective path towards the ecological transition of Italian construction.

1. Thermal Insulation system: the most effective way to save energy in buildings and reduce environmental pollution.
The only truly sustainable energy is that which is saved. The Italian buildings are in fact responsible for 40% of the total energy consumption. The only solution strategy - for buildings - is to eliminate the problem at its root: by applying the Thermal Insulation Coat, the energy needs and the consequent polluting emissions are permanently reduced.

2. Beneficial impact of Superbonus on the economy
Superbonus is not a cost but an investment in the growth of the country. An expenditure for the Superbonus 110% of 9 billion euros activates in the economic system a level of production of more than double and contributes to the formation of just over 12 billion GDP, in addition to involving at least 153,000 work units*. Energy-efficient houses are also worth more and are sold first*: buildings in consumption classes A to D are on average 12% higher.

3. Contribution of Thermal Insulation System and Superbonus to the Italian ecological transition
Superbonus to combat issues related to dependence and energy poverty. Based on an analysis carried out in Italy on condominium energy efficiency construction sites made with Superbonus 110% and Sistema a Cappotto, there are strong benefits also at the environmental level. This is proved by the data of interventions carried out on 181 condominiums and 7,322 units*:
- Average energy consumption reduction: 53%
- Energy class leaps: 3
- Average energy saving: 46%
- Average cO2 emission savings: 51%

The issue of energy saving, moreover, in the times of war that we are going through, characterized by an exacerbation of the problems of dependence and energy poverty, becomes a strategic lever for the future of the country and not only of construction.


Fonte: Gabetti Property Solutions

4. Contribution of Thermal Insulation Coat and Superbonus for the health of Italians and for the reduction of health costs for the State
Energy upgrading improves the health and productivity of citizens.  During the pandemic, we have never realized how much housing comfort is important and impacts on our physical and mental health. An isolated house with Thermal wall insulation System guarantees a constant temperature throughout the year and a better indoor climate, preventing respiratory problems and allergic reactions to mold and condensate.

5. Superbonus: an opportunity to improve the safety and quality of the built in Italy
Without incentives, there are no interventions on existing, obsolete, energy-intensive and unsafe buildings. More and more unexpected and violent climatic and seismic events have completely exposed in recent years the fragility of the territory and of the Italian built. Actions carried out according to strict quality criteria can contribute not only to energy saving and pollution reduction, but also to the safety of buildings and their inhabitants.

*The statement taken in this article is readable here:

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