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Interior Trends 400 is Ivas' innovative offering for interiors, a collection of 400 attractive tones carefully selected by internationally renowned designer Marcantonio.

Inspired by the latest trends in interior design, IT400 sets out to be the new benchmark for the entire industry, a tool through which interior designers will be able to enhance their inspiration and create comfortable and attractive homes.


Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, born in ’76, attended the Institute of Art and Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. After graduating, he began working as a theatre set designer and collaborated with a number of architects. A sculptor, painter, illustrator, designer and multi-talented artist, Marcantonio soon began to produce unique design works alongside his artistic creations. Over time, his diverse talents began to intertwine and his designs were increasingly influenced by artistic concepts. Today Marcantonio is one of the most successful designers in Italy and abroad. He regularly collaborates with the most important fashion and interior design brands (Armani, Seletti, Qeboo, Natuzzi, etc.) and creates works, sculptures.

"I immediately found very stimulating the project that Ivas entrusted to me: to confront myself with the vibration of colors, to synthesize all the expressive and multi-sensory formulas that have always inspired me, focusing them on a single sense: the view. Expressing emotions through color brings back to the essentiality of communication. There is no word, there is no form, there is no syntax: only image through a frequency of light. This synthesis represents in my opinion one of the highest forms of art and design at the same time. I believe that the 400 new Interior Trends Ivas can contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in contemporary environments, a need increasingly at the center of our choices." 

Discover the 400 colors for interior

The colors presented are purely indicative, do not constitute an exact correspondence


The Catalogue "i Colori del Benessere" presents the complete collection of Ivas certified finishes for the interior: a family of products that meets the highest technical and performance requirements of the market. 

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