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Database for thermal calculating

Download the IVAS thermal insulation products and systems (ETICS) database now.

Once downloaded the file can be imported into the software “PAN”, available to the members ANIT (National Association for the Thermal and Acoustic Insulation), suitable for thermal analysis, hygrometric and dynamic opaque casing, perfect for calculating thermal transmittance and many other performance indicators.

The software is strictly based on the current technical regulations for the analysis of opaque stratigraphies. The designer can perform an assessment of the energy qualification of the building obtained by IVAS thermal insulation systems: calculating the reduction of CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and the resulting estimated economic savings.

Here a complete list of the analyses that can be carried out via PAN:

  • Stationary thermal transmittance
  • Dynamic thermal transmittance
  • Thermal attenuation and phase shift
  • Total thermal capacity
  • Internal and external periodic thermal capacity
  • Internal and external admittance
  • Risk control of mould and surface condensation
  • Analysis of interstitial condensation in monthly average steady state
  • Interstitial condensate analysis in hourly steady state
  • Verification of drying time
  • Dynamic analysis of summer external surface temperatures
  • Design conductivity assessment for insulation materials

Fill in the following form to download for free the IVAS thermal insulation products and systems database.

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