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Thermal Calculating Software

TermoK8® CALC is a software programme for calculating the thermal properties of solid structural elements, developed in collaboration with ANIT, the Italian Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Association.

TermoK8® CALC, created in compliance with D.M. 26/06/2015, calculates the summer and winter-time parameters according to current legal regulations (transmittance UNI EN ISO 6946, periodic thermal transmittance UNI EN ISO 13786; temperature and humidity test UNI EN ISO 13788).

With TermoK8® CALC it is possible to make an analysis of the building energy classification obtained by applying an insulated render:
calculation of reduction of CO2 emissions, calculation of consumption of fuels and consequent estimate of economic savings.
TermoK8® CALC is customised with all the systems and materials in the TermoK8® range and allows the most appropriate thermal insulation design in compliance with the rules relating to energy efficiency, in a simple and effective way.

"TermoK8® Calc" is designed for PC using from Windows 7 to Windows10.
"TermoK8® Calc" performs an evaluation about the overall contribution of the coating systems to the acoustic insulation, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 12354:2017 regulations.

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