La storia del Gruppo Ivas

Gruppo Ivas


From a small painting business Ferruccio Colonna founded IVAS (Impresa Verniciatori e Affini Sammaurese)

The production of paints and varnishes starts.


The scale of production increases, Ivas paints and varnishes start being sold in Italy.

The production process through the years intensifies and is industrialized; a new complex is built with a factory and offices that becomes the present-day headquarters.


Ivas makes the decisive step into the paint industry: Ivas S.p.A. (Industria Vernici e Affini Sammaurese) is officially established. 

One step ahead of the times and trends, Ivas is among one of the first companies to launch the external insulation system on the Italian market, a technology for buildings originated in Germany and of which Ivas becomes the Italian leader.


Ivas starts export: Austria, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Lybia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Algeria, Argentina and Mexico…

Aliva Chimica e Sistemi is established with the aim of designing and industrializing the most complex façade works.


Aliva changes its company name to “Sistemi per Facciate” and specializes in design, production and installation of ventilated facades.

Ivas annual production of paints and varnishes exceeds 10,000 tons.


Tower “powders for the building industry” is established: a new production center specializing in technical mortars for the construction, renovation and restoration is introduced.

Ivas becomes the national leader of external insulationy, outdoing major multinational competitors.


The change of the century marks a turning point: Ivas gathers up its companies in a central coordinated core: Gruppo Ivas is established, with the aim of redefining boundaries and contents of finishes in construction sector.

Ivas annual production of paints and varnishes exceeds 15,000 tons.


Ivas celebrates 50 years of business with over 700 guests. Radical changes are presented for the occasion: organization, coordination and global reconditioning of the Group image.

Ferruccio Colonna is awarded at the Awards for Entrepreneurial Merit of the Province of Forli - Cesena.


Ivas exceeds 100 sales points in Italy.

Ivas introduces an innovative project: Master G, training center for professionals in construction sector, guaranteeing advanced, reserved, exclusive courses. 


On the occasion of the Milan Design Week the new Metropolis division is launched, introducing the concept of materic decoration on the international scene.

Aliva, now well known throughout the international market, founds Aliva UK and Aliva Engineering,  for the marketing of Ivas Group products and the engineering of ventilated facades in the UK, followed shortly by Aliva Andes, a stable structure in the Argentine market.


Ivas annual production of paints and varnishes exceeds 20,000 tons

Ivas annual production of paints and varnishes exceeds 20,000 tons.


Ivas stabilizes its presence overseas and founds Ivas USA


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