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Termok8® design expresses the connection between technical know-how and architectural beauty: these thermal insulation systems are born to guarantee the best energy and aesthetic performances.
Decorative skins, textured surfaces, modular finishes, bespoke surface accessories, hi-tech coatings with certified performances: all this is Termok8® design by Ivas.
The texture design, modular design, deco design, high tech design sections represent different finishing proposals in which technology and beauty come together to obtain outstanding level performances.
Termok8® design: technology meeting beauty.

The proposed solutions are also applicable on external walls without a thermal insulation system but properly treated.

TermoK8<sup>®</sup> Texture design
TermoK8<sup>®</sup> Texture design
Texture design is a collection of surfaces and coatings with high aesthetic value for architectural façade: a valuable choice for contemporary, unique and entirely customized projects.

TermoK8<sup>®</sup> Modular design
TermoK8<sup>®</sup> Modular design
Modular design is the collection of Ivas modular finishes for external systems: durable technologies that give shape to contemporary architecture.
The materials, surface textures and dimensions of modular design define unique and customizable geometries, responding to design needs in the most technically correct and safe way.

TermoK8<sup>®</sup> Deco design
TermoK8<sup>®</sup> Deco design
Deco design is a collection of customized decorative finishes that define façade shapes and details regardless the chosen finish. Deco design offers a series of 3D processes for the insulating slabs that permit to productively standardize specific designs and projects.
These processes allow to create unique and unrepeatable volumes, frames and decorations that can be selected from the catalog or tailored for a faithful reconstruction, for example for historic buildings.

TermoK8<sup>®</sup> High tech design
TermoK8<sup>®</sup> High tech design
High tech design offers a range of paints (Paint HT) and façade coatings (RHT) with high technological and aesthetic content.
The plus dry, clean, strong, reflect technologies allow Ivas paints and façade coatings to: preserve and protect surfaces over time, ensure the widest color range without limits of intensity or saturation of the colors and guarantee color design in absolute creative freedom.


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