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TermoK8<sup>®</sup> Texture design
TermoK8<sup>®</sup> Texture design

Texture design is a collection of surfaces and coatings with high aesthetic value for architectural façade: a valuable choice for contemporary, unique and entirely customized projects.
The proposed solutions are also applicable on external walls without a thermal insulation system but properly treated.

TermoK8<sup>®</sup> Texture design
  • 1 Adhesive (options) Klebocem Klebocem Minerale
  • 2 Insulation panel (options) Eps 35 Plus Eps 31 G Plus Converto 31 G Plus Eps 30 G Plus Eps 31 G – 100 Fix Eps 35 – 100 Fix Fonostop Eps G Converto Fonostop Eps 35 – 100 Max Eps 31 G Max Eps 30 Hp Converto Hp Eps 30 Reverso Lana di Roccia Monodensità Lana di Roccia Doppia Densità Lana di Vetro K 34
  • 3 Skim coat (options) Klebocem Klebocem Minerale
  • 4 Reinforcing mesh (options) Armatex C1 Armatex C1 M Armatex C1 R
  • 5 Finishes (options) Corten Cemento dilavato Cemento spazzolato Urban Legno Travertino Striato Schiacciato Sabbiato opaco Sabbiato glitterato

Available Finishes


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