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TermoK8 ® minerale l.v. - Ivas

TermoK8 ® minerale l.v.


The ideal option for cladding a building, providing high thermal and acoustic performance. The system is mainly of mineral composition and has excellent reaction to fire, impact resistance and water vapour permeability properties. The insulating panel is EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certified

  •   TermoK8® Design
  •   Green building
  •   Fire resistance

  •   EPD certified panels
  •   CAM approved panels
  •   Thermo-acoustic insulation
  •   Minerals panels


Technical Documents

System Composition

ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS: depending on the type of support and critical issues of each building, for the correct application of insulation systems TermoK8 various additional components (shown below) are needed to complete the steps above.

System Components

Additional Components


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