External Thermal Insulation system, why is it so important?
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External Thermal Insulation system, why is it so important?

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External Thermal Insulation system, why is it so important?

The thermal insulated system is by far the most efficient measure, from an energy, economic and environmental point of view, to reduce the consumption of a building. Also called ETICS System or more precisely "Composite system of insulation from the outside" is the most used system in Europe for thermal insulation and often also acoustic. This is a real added value for modern construction.

But not everyone knows it yet! So it becomes very important to signal to its customers that the difference in expenses, between the only painting of the façade and the painting of the facade with the application of a Insulated System, is minimal and definitely less than the advantages that are obtained. If the intervention on the façade is invasive, moreover, the client must know that the thermal insulated system becomes a mandatory measure, planned in almost all regions in Italy according to the DM 26 June 2015 Annex 1, paragraph 1.4.

External Insulation System: 5 reasons why it is necessary today!

1 - When a work of Thermal Insulation System is proposed, it is necessary to explain the benefits that it brings, first of all the one related to energy efficiency: the application of the thermal coat to a building will not only ensure energy efficiency and lower environmental impact, but will also allow the consumer to have economic savings in the bill, both for winter heating consumption and for summer cooling.

2 - The coat insulation system increases the living comfort, which is obtained by trying to make the internal temperature of the house constant. The thermal coat insulates and protects the building, as well as providing for the elimination of thermal bridges, and, consequently, reduces the fluctuation of temperatures, which remain constant and pleasant throughout the year. It is also an improvement solution for air quality, thus eliminating problems due to the formation of mold, algae, bacteria and condensate.

3 - Nowadays one of the most "hot" issues is certainly also the environmental respect and the impact that buildings have on it. The European Union is in fact moving in this area, raising standards. The latest European directive states, in fact, that: "by 2027 non-residential buildings and by 2030 for residential buildings the energy class must be not lower than class F". The advantages of the thermal insulation system for the environment are many: considerable energy savings, reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere (greenhouse effect), reduced use and exploitation of fossil resources.

It should be noted that over the last three decades emissions into the atmosphere of harmful gases, which are responsible for global warming, have increased by as much as 60%. An unsustainable rythm for the planet Earth, more than 40% of the energy consumption of the European community is absorbed by the residential and tertiary sector, two thirds of which is used for the air conditioning of buildings.

4 - On the one hand, the coat insulation system means economic savings in bills, on the other hand it allows to increase the value of the property on the market. Factor not to be underestimated that could also result in a higher value required by the owner of the property being rented.

5 - The external thermal insulation system allows the final consumer to access tax reductions and deductions related to energy efficiency and renovation of buildings. We add a sixth and last reason in favor of the coat, often forgotten, the current laws on energy saving in buildings provide in some cases that the application of this system is mandatory (e.g. if the intervention on the facade is invasive).


Ivas has been producing for 40 years the Termok8 line of thermal insulation systems, composed of a wide range of insulation systems, specific for different renovation and energy qualification opportunities. It is the leader in Italy with over 35 million square meters applied today on buildings of all types, in continuous and constant synergy with designers and contractors.

This huge heritage of achievements, carried out in the most different and varied climatic conditions, has generated a wealth of direct experience on the construction site that is difficult to match in the national panorama. Termok8 ensures the optimal transmittance of walls, the attenuation of thermal bridges, the reduction of primary energy needs, the maximum balance between existing calories, made and consumed, the optimal index of thermal attenuation factors and phase shift, for the most efficient energy management of the building system.

We conclude by stressing that to ensure that the insulation system coat is performing is necessary that the implementation is done in a state of the art, following the process provided by the relevant regulations and applicators with a professional license according to UNI/ TR 11716. Want to know more? Discover our dedicated courses here


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