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Liquid additive to improve adhesion of cement mortars and mixtures. Liquid adhesive containing elastomeric resins, which are highly resistant to alkalis and cannot be re-emulsified in water. This emulsion forms a film that binds cement and sand and increases the elasticity of the mortar, increasing adherence to the substrate and mechanical resistance to wear. For indoor and outdoor use.For professional users only. Cement-based mixtures: RESINTOW greatly improves adhesion to various substrates. Mortars are more adhesive, more resistant to abrasion, more impermeable to water and saline solutions, more elastic and more resistant to oils. Cement-based grouts: Cement-based grouts prepared with RESINTOW are used to protect reinforcement rods from corrosion and to improve their adhesion to the new casting. Cement-based adhesives; Resintow + Gueflex Modular Big or Plasistuc for gluing all types of tiles and large formats or reconstructed stones.
Main properties:
Improves adhesion
Colour range:
Type of Equipment:
cement mixer, whisk mixer
Water; 4
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