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TOWFLEX - Technical Mortar Ivas

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Two-pack elastic cement-based mortar to waterproof and protect concrete surfaces, balconies, terraces, baths and swimming pools. TOWFLEX is a mixture of silica aggregates, cement and fibres in part A and an emulsion of elastic resins in part B.
This formula has been designed to ensure perfect workability and excellent adhesion to various substrates.Maximum applicable thickness 4 mm in two coats with ARMATEX C1 reinforcement mesh option. For indoor and outdoor.
Elongation at break: 32 ± 3%
Thermal compatibility to free-thaw cycles using salt: 0.8 N/mm2
Crack-bridging: static at -20°C: Class 3 - dynamic at -20°C Class B3.1
Crack-bridging at +20°C: 0.80 mm - Crack-bridging at -20°C: 0.75 mm
Main properties:
Waterproofing against pressurized water: no penetration;
Resistance to water (positive pressure): 1.5 atm
Granulometry (EN 13300 / EN 1062):
Colour range:
Type of Equipment:
serrated spatula, mechanical low speed mixer
Mixing Ratio:
33% with pack B; 8.3 litres per 25Kg Pack A
1.8 kg/m2 per mm of thickness
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