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One-pack, gelatinous acrylic copolymer-based primer dispersed in water with low MFFT (minimum film forming temperature). The synergistic effect of these polymers increases PRIMER TACK adhesion on residues of vinyl glues, non-absorbent substrates, compact absorbent substrates, glazed ceramic flooring. PRIMER TACK can be used: - as skim and self-levelling coat bonding for difficult substrates; - as bonding primer when one self-levelling coat has dried, before applying the next coat; - to prepare smooth, compact substrates, both absorbent and non-absorbent; - before applying a levelling, self-levelling skim coat to improve adhesion to the substrate. -as coat bonding to wood substrates and X-lam panels, before gluing the insulating panels. - as adhesion promoter for wood substrates before gluing the insulating panels. Customs heading: 3906 90 90. For professional use. Main Properties: Adhesion promoter for difficult substrates Colour range: Light blue Type of equipment: Sponge roller Diluted with: Water Dilution: Max 100% on absorbent substrates; on porcelain stoneware 'as is' Coverage: With the application of 1 coat: 150-200 g/m2 Coverage per Pack: (5 Kg): 33 m2, approx. Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.

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