News - Ivas Group and the street art: Rome - GRA

Ivas Group and the street art: Rome - GRA

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Here is the Eleventh GRAArt murales, an Arte Contemporanea Urbana (meaning “contemporary urban art”) project, patronised by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. This Project retraces Rome’s history and myths on the walls of the GRA (the major highway around Rome) across the urban art of artists from various parts of the world.
The project is an idea of the artist David Diavù Vecchiato, who is also the administrator of the event. David Diavù Vecchiato is one of the most renown and active Italian street artists and is also the M.U.Ro (Rome’s museum of urban art) supervisor, the first project of a museum completely combined in the social context (like the art it promotes) and is also the supervisor of the documentary tv-series with the same name on Sky Arte HD.
Juno Sospita Regina Mater
The Argentinian artist Milu Correch tells us the story of Juno Sospita, the goddess of the woods, originally the Etruscan divinity Uni. She invites us to admire the feminine beauty, nude and free to lay down without any fear of being hurt with her friends the wolves. It is the representation of the Nature-Woman that returns to trust Humans-Men because they respect her, knowing that they are all part of the Nature. Unfortunately, this is a hot topic in the present news that can fiercely be communicated only with an image of a free, serene and happy woman. 
Sito ufficialeGRAArt
Sito dell’artista Milu Correch

Gruppo Ivas supplied quartz and water-based wall enamels for this project. All products supplied are highly resistant to atmospheric agents, abrasion and dirt, guaranteeing the maximum chromatic stability in time. 

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