News - Ivas Group and the street Art: Naples - Ventaglieri Social Park

Ivas Group and the street Art: Naples - Ventaglieri Social Park

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Urban Neapolis is an Urban Art project taking place in the heart of Naples. Exhibitions, events and urban interventions have been programmed to design a new cultural route, donate a new layer of visual arts letting past stories and past characters of the neighbourhood re-emerge, enrich with new symbols and images the streets of the city.
The project has been conceived by the artist, as well as the curator of the event, David Daviù Vecchiato, who is one of the most renown and active Italian street artists. He is also the curator of M.U.R.O. (in Italian “muro” means “wall”) – Museo di Urban Art di Roma (Rome’s Museum of Urban Art), the first project of a museum completely combined with the social fabric (just as the type of art that it promotes) and of the Sky Arte HD documentary series that has the same name.
Urban Neapolis is a project that is patronised by the Municipality of Naples, supporting the no-profit association “Mattia Fagnoni Onlus” that promotes the research for genetic illnesses and that, in particular, supports families who are victim if rare illnesses and has been working for years on the link between art and charity sustained by a big artistic organisation to which a lot of artists from all over the world join.

Sky launches the first Sky Arte Festival with the Urban Neapolis project, made possible thanks to the collaboration between the Museum Centre of the Campania region, the sponsorship of the Naples’ Municipality, the Campania Region and the University of Naples “Federico II”.
The theme of the project is “regeneration”: the idea if renaissance which is typical of creativity and art in parallel with the urban regeneration.
One of the initiatives of the Festival is a fantastic episode of the documentary Muro dedicated to the Capital of the Region that has as main character the internationally known artist Mariusz Waras , better known as M- City, that has done a paint work specially-made for the façade of the Damn space in the Ventaglieri social park.
M-City’s production is characterised by the use of stencils and his work contains images of urban fabric stories with a strong industrial print and are scattered on the walls of the streets of Warsaw, Danzig, Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Sao Paulo, Rio de Jeneiro, Jakarta, London…

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Ivas Group supplied a range of wall enamels highly resistant to atmospheric agents, abrasion and dirt guaranteeing the maximum chromatic stability in time. 
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