News - Ivas Group and the street Art: Naples - National Archaeological Museum

Ivas Group and the street Art: Naples - National Archaeological Museum

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The great places of our Cultural Heritage open the doors to contemporary art and Street Art with the great street writer David Diavù Vecchiato.
The Æquus Phartenopensis opera was painted in Naples on the outer staircase of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. This is the  Diavù’s reinterpretation of famous Carafa Horse Head made of bronze by Donatello in the middle of the fifteenth century and exhibited within the museum itself. The work of the Roman artist, a tribute to the city, but also a link between past and present, inaugurated the “Muse al Museo” Festival and is an essential part of it, even if temporarily.

Created in four days of work, it has been made with a removable quartz paint that covers only the so-called "lift" part of the steps, leaving the "flat" one strictly walkable. This also allows a special 3D effect of the design that is revealed depending on the angle you are looking at it.
The painting is one of the artistic interventions of the Popstairs project (a project that focuses on the cultural re-activation of urban contexts through Steet Art).
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The work was born in collaboration with the Municipality of Naples and is the first work of Urban Art to be realized in collaboration with a National Archaeological Museum.
IVAS Group supplied a quartz paint in six colors (two shades of gray, green and white), suitably formulated to last until the end of the summer and then to be removed in full respect of the monumental staircase.
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ph. Elena Pietrosanti & Giovanni Amodio

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