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INSERTO DART-SET - Insulated Renders Ivas

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Fastening Elements

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Fastening element consisting of a plastic installation bush with EPDM seal and a façade anchor (Ø 8 mm). Used to install unplanned light and medium-weight loadson previously plastered ETICS systems in EPS and mineral wool, without forminga thermal bridge. Examples of application: downpipe brackets, shutter stops, mailboxes, light fittings, spotlights, signs, motion detectors, etc. Contents of the kit: 10 Bushes - 10 Seals - 10 Inserts Ø 6 mm - 10 façade anchors 8 mm diameter - 1 installation bit Recommended Weight: 15kg Bore diameter: 8 mm Drilling depth: 80 mm Drive: Torx T30

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