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Two-pack pigmented epoxy resin-based formulation containing mineral fillers and powdered extenders for the creation of self-levelling mortars. Specific for resinous industrial floors with mechanical and chemical characteristics suitable for: hospitals, food and beverage industries, paper mills, textile, chemical and pharmaceutical, precision mechanical, electrical and electronic industries, and even for garages and car parks. EPOPLAST makes it possible to produce self-levelling mortars by adding the quartz filler Quarzo 06 (IVAS) (Pack C) to the binder (pack A + pack B) in a ratio of 1:0.7 and to obtain surfaces with a glossy finish. The coatings are waterproof, oil-proof and perfectly washable with neutral detergents. High drive-over.For indoor use.For professional users only.
Main properties:
Self-levelling topcoat; High chemical and mechanical resistance
Catalysis ratio (weight):
A: B : C = 80: 20: 70
Colour range:
"Selezione Smalti" colour chart (RAL Classic K7 section) (IVAS), unless infeasible for technological or other reasons.
Type of Equipment:
Serrated spatula and bubble-buster roller for thick applications.
Ready to use
1.8 kg/m2 per mm of thickness
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