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EPOXY PRIMER WB - Resinous Floors Ivas

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Two-pack epoxy resin-based formulation in aqueous emulsion, with good chemical, mechanical, water and abrasion resistance. When diluted with water, following the indications given below, it can be used as an impregnating agent, making the substrate dustproof and easy to clean. The coating can give chiaroscuro effects due to the different substrate absorption. For professional use. Main Properties: Two-pack water-based primer; Can be applied as dust proofing treatment Colour Range: Transparent Type of Equipment: Roller, brush, spraying equipment Diluted With: Water Dilution: As a primer: 30%; As a dustproof impregnating agent: 200% Coverage: As primer - 1 coat: 100-150 g/m2; As a dustproofing agent, 1 coat: 50-100 g/m2 Coverage per Pack: (5+5 Kg): 130 m2 approx. (primer); (5+5 Kg): 600 mq approx. (dustproof); Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.

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