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Fixative based on new generation ultrafine acrylic particles is able to penetrate inside the support, consolidating all surfaces, even the dustiest, ensuring high anchoring of subsequent painting cycles. The product has obtained the Eurofins certification for Indoor Air Comfort Gold to guarantee that the product meets the low emissions requirements, as well as the most relevant specifications in Europe; a sign of attention to the quality of a healthy internal environment. For indoors and outdoors.
Main properties:
Excellent anchoring power
Highly penetrating
Strongly aggregating
Easy to apply
Colour range:
Type of Equipment:
brush, roller
Water; 100% ÷ 300% see Application procedure
16 m2/l
Coverage per pack:
(25 l): 400 mq, approx. Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.
Application Procedure:
Dilute MICRALICA Plasterboard 100%; Plaster 200%; concrete 300%; old paints 300% the dilution can vary according to the absorption of the substrate.
mix with a low speed mixer. Apply one coat and cross the direction of brush strokes during application.
Overpaintable with water-based paints.
N.B.: always check that the treated surface is not glossy, if necessary increase the dilution.
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