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Fast-drying, synthetic industrial enamel based on short oil alkyd resins and selected light-resistant pigments. Superb resistance to water and the weather. Suitable for painting industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery and iron profiles that are free of rust, grease and mill scale. For indoor and outdoor use. For professional users only.
Main properties:
Fast drying
Colour range:
White and Colours can be produced with the You Color tinting system
Type of Equipment:
Spraying equipment (recommended pressure: 7 - 8 atm Ø nozzle 1.7 - 2 mm)
Diluente Nitro Antinebbia (IVAS) thinner; 10%=100 ml/l
With the application of 2 coats: 4-5 m2/l
Coverage per pack:
(10 l): 50 m2, approx. Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.
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