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IVASGUM SIDE FINITURA - Paints and Varnishes Ivas

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Extra-fine elastomeric paint containing inert containing inert fillers dispersed in elastic resins that provide high elasticity and water resistance, even in thin coats. Suitable as topcoat for Ivas elastomeric process for surfaces with micro-cracks. Forms a barrier against the penetration of CO2 into exposed reinforced concrete. For indoor use. Main Properties: Prevents fissuring; High elasticity; Protects reinforced concrete Granulometry: S1, Fine (< 100 micrometers) Colour Range: Standard colours, white (base ), section Solar, base ED, colori extra. Type of Equipment: Brush, short-haired roller, spraying equipment Diluted With: Water Dilution: 10-15% = 100-150 ml per litre of product Coverage: With the application of 2 coats: 4-5 m2/l Coverage per Pack: (14 l): 70 m2, approx. Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.

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