TOWPRUF - Technical Mortar - Dampness - Negative Thrust Ivas
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TOWPRUF - Technical Mortar Ivas

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Anti-shrinkage osmotic mortar with maximum particle size of 1.2 mm, suitable for vertical waterproofing of underground rooms, garages, elevator pits.For waterproofing structures designed to contain water, such as pipelines, ducts, swimming pools and tanks. Ready-to-use, perfectly workable cement-based mixture with very very high adhesion on concrete structures, mortar and cement plastered masonry. For professional use . Main Properties: Waterproofing of underground environments Granulometry: 1.2mm Colour range: Grey Type of equipment: Spatula, mason's trowel, plastering machine Diluted with: Water Coverage: 16 kg/m2 per mm of thickness

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