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TOW-RIN EVOLUTION - Technical Mortar Ivas

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Repair of Cement-Based Plasters

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Anti-shrinkage thixotropic, medium-fast setting mortar with low elastic modulus based on modified hydraulic binders, unsaponifiable synthetic fibres, selected silica inert materials and special additives. Suitable for partial repair of old plaster, reconstruction of cornices and mouldings, touching up plaster on concrete, after preparation for thick coats. Good adherence with no shrinkage or cracking. It can be perfectly moulded and shaped up to 90 minutes after application without presenting any crumbling. To smooth out the restored surfaces, use Uniform 200 skim coat. For professional use. Main Properties: For repairs of all thicknesses; for repairing any type of plaster Granulometry: 1.5mm Thermal conductivity: 0,76 W/mK Colour range: Grey Type of equipment: Spatula, trowel, mechanical low speed mixer Diluted with: Water Coverage: 14 kg/m2 per mm of thickness

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