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Repair of Lime-Based Plasters

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Plaster premix based on natural hydraulic lime NHL 5 (in compliance with EN 459:2010), micronized pozzolana and selected inert materials, specifically designed for rational application. Special additives give it excellent workability, whether with mechanical or manual application, and they improve its properties when fresh and after it has hardened. Suitable for eco-friendly plasters for indoor and outdoor application and for those of historic and cultural buildings.Maximum applicable thickness 15 mm per coat. For professional users only.
Main properties:
Based on Natural Lime; Easy to work
Granulometry (EN 13300 / EN 1062):
Thermal conductivity (λ) (EN 1745):
0.47 W/mK
Colour range:
Type of Equipment:
spatula, trowel, mechanical plastering machine, levelling bar, plaster plane
Mixing Ratio:
20% with water; 5 Litres per 25Kg package
14 kg/m2 per mm of thickness
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