ASFODELO RISANANTE - Technical Mortar - Lime-based Ivas
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ASFODELO RISANANTE - Technical Mortar Ivas

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hai cercato: Dehumidification, Lime-based, ASFODELO RISANANTE indietro 


Macroporous, dehumidifying plaster for vertical repairs, suited for restoring damp masonry. Premix based on natural hydraulic binder without water-soluble salts and containing select industrial sands having a maximum grain size of 2.5 mm. Easy to work. The layers applied adhere well, are durable and show no shrinkage. For professional use. Occluded air: approx. 28% Main Properties: Compensated shrinkage; Suitable for dehumidifying processes Granulometry: 2.5mm Thermal Conductivity: 0,47 W/mK Colour Range: Hazelnut Type of Equipment: Spatula, mason's trowel, cement mixer Diluted With: Water Coverage: 12.5 kg/m2 per mm of thickness

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