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Insulation Panels

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Solid, mineral, monolithic, thermal insulation panel made of calcium silicate hydrates, lime, sand, cement, water and an aerating agent (porosity > 95% by volume). ETA 05/0093-certified according to EAD 040012-00-1201. This product is bio-architecturally and microbiologically harmless, inhibits the growth of mould and micro-organisms, and is fully recyclable.
Main properties:
Thermal insulation;
sound absorption;
vapour permeability;
excellent fire behaviour;
green building;
high impact resistance
For System:
TermoK8 Minerale Eco
Size slabs:
60 cm x 39 cm
6, 8, 10, 12, 14 cm
Resistenza a Trazione:
TR ≥ 80 kPa
Compression resistance:
CS(10/Y) ≥ 300 kPa
Thermal conductivity (λ) (EN 12667):
λ 0,045 W/mK
Termok8 System Fire Reaction Class:
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