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EPOXY PAINT HT - Resinous Floors Ivas

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Film Coatings

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Solvent-free, two-pack, pigmented thick film, epoxy resin-based coating for industrial flooring with good chemical resistance, excellent impermeability to oils and aggressive agents, excellent resistance to washing and wear caused by light trolley traffic. Contains mineral fillers specifically designed for the creation of glossy floor finishes with a thick film between 0.2 and 1.0 mm and multi-layer coatings between 1 and 3 mm thick with a smooth, monochromatic effect. High drive-over.For indoor use.
Main properties:
Highly thick painting;
Excellent chemical resistance
Catalysis ratio (weight):
A: B = 80 : 20
Colour range:
Colour fan deck "Selezione Smalti (RAL Classic K7 section)" IVAS and selection of colours available unless technologically or otherwise infeasible.
Type of Equipment:
Short-haired roller
Epoxy Thinner (Ivas); Max 5%
With the application of 2 coats: 500-700 g/m2
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