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Adhesion Promoting

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Two-pack epoxy resin-based formulation containing mineral fillers and powder extenders, specifically:
a) used ‘as is' to promote adhesion of subsequent phases to the substrate
b) with the addition of quartz filler to create base skim coats for the resin-based flooring.
For indoor use.
Main properties:
Fixing Primer;
Adhesion promoter
Catalysis ratio (weight):
as adhesion promoter A: B = 80 : 20; as skimming base coat A: B : C = 80: 20: 70
Colour range:
Type of Equipment:
Rollers or brushes, serrated spatulas for thick-coat application
Dil. Epoxies; ready to use ÷ 15% see Application mode
as adhesion promoter: 0.35 Kg/m2 ; as skimming base coat: 1.7 kg/m2 per mm of thickness
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