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Two-pack solvent-based epoxy intermediate coating consisting of appropriate curing agents and fillers. It offers high resistance to chemicals and immersion in fresh and salt water. Also ideal for vertical applications since it is quite resistant to dripping. Suitable as intermediate coat for anti-corrosion and swimming pool application processes. For outdoor use. For professional users only.
Main properties:
Specific for swimming pools
Catalysis ratio (weight):
1:1=100 parts of hardener to 100 parts of base product
Colour range:
White - Light Blue
Type of Equipment:
short-haired wool roller, trowel or levelling bar
Ready to use
With the application of 1 coat: 3-3.5 m2/l
Coverage per pack:
(5+5 Kg): 35 m2, approx. Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.
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