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Prodotti di alta qualità per la protezione, il ripristino e l’isolamento degli edifici.


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Ecological paints

Line of ecological, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and certified
paints for the reduction of indoor harmful emissions.

The laboratory tests carried out on the products of the Vita line certify, in indoor environments, an effective action for the abatement of aldehydes, volatile organic compounds and related harmful emissions (caused by building materials, furnishings, accessories, upholstery, cleaning products ... ); among these, the formaldehyde in particular is classified as a carcinogenic substance.

The particular hypoallergenic property of the Vita line products, is dermatologically tested by ISPE, the Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation.
With a value of the “potential skin irritant” equal to zero, there is no show of any allergic reactions.

Sanitizers solutions

Line of thermal and sanitizing wall solutions for well-being and living comfort.

The particular thermal properties of Sana wall solutions are specific for the thermo-hygrometric regulation:
by changing the temperature of the internal wall, they counteract the humidity caused by the formation of surface condensation and they minimize the onset of mold, microorganisms, micro toxins and pathogens which are responsible for an unhealthy environment and cause of respiratory infections, asthma, immune weakness and allergic diseases.

Virus-stop sanitizers

Virus-stop sanitizing product line for hands, furniture, fabrics, tools, floors, scaffolding, small and large internal and external surfaces.

To counter the global health emergency and combat Covid-19 we present the new Sana Salute product line, a range of sanitizing solutions made in different formats according to the needs and the type of use.
Sana Salute is the ideal solution for individuals, families, construction companies, public bodies and all those who are committed to dealing with the collective emergency.
Our goal is to make you feel safe: at home, at work, on the street and, in our specific area, on the construction site.
These products are designed to accompany you everywhere and for this reason we have made them in different formats and characteristics, according to different needs.

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