A Synergy of Success: TermoK8® Grafite Plus made of Neopor®
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A Synergy of Success: TermoK8® Grafite Plus made of Neopor®

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A Synergy of Success: TermoK8® Grafite Plus made of Neopor®

New Plus for conventional systems in graphite

TermoK8® Grafite Plus is the ideal option for simply complying with the regulations on energy efficiency and guaranteeing high thermal performance, even in low build coats; this is achieved thanks to the graphite particles contained in the special, unstressed insulating slabs made of Neopor®. Especially suitable for upgrading the energy efficiency of existing buildings, ensuring greater insulation values with lower builds than with conventional solutions.
  • Latest generation of innovative, unstressed insulating slabs of sintered expanded polystyrene Neopor®, with graphite particles that can absorb and reflect infrared light, thus neutralizing the negative effect of heat radiation on thermal conductivity. 
  • A controlled, specially designed production process ensures slab dimensional stability, perfectly flat surfaces and secure gluing, even under maximum sunlight. 
  • The use of a single raw material ensures that the thermal insulation values hold throughout the entire slab thickness, thus providing assurances during design and use. 
  • The absence of any surface cuts ensures a truly uniform product when skimming the cladding, eliminating the risk of crackling caused by the infiltration of the skim coat into the cuts themselves.
PLUS REFLECTIVE FINISHES with high TSR (Total Solar Reflect)
  • Continuous coatings specifically formulated with BASF pigments for “heat management”, able to better reflect sunlight and produce dark, even black, surfaces on thermal cladding, thus limiting excessive heating of the surfaces and minimizing the risk of fading as time passes. 
  • Available in various particle sizes, full, uniform look, produces a mould and alga-resistant film thanks to an innovative formulation certified by FRAUNHOFER-INSTITUT FÜR BAUPHYSIK of Munich.

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