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KLEBOCEM R 110 J - Insulated Renders Ivas

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Adhesives and Skim Coats

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Made of unsaponifiable resins, high resistance Portland cement, selected sands, and polyamide fibres. It offers superb adhesive properties and resistance to freeze-thaw cycles. With good capacity and spreadability, KLEBOCEM R110 J is specifically suited as a reinforcing mortar in areas subject to stress or in high strain and can also be used to glue insulation panels used in TermoK8®IVAS processes. It can also be used for skim coats, mesh-reinforced skim coats, on cracked plaster and reinforced concrete. Product tested according to UNI EN 998-1 (LW CS III W 2 type) for use of CE marking. For professional use. Main Properties: Very high impact resistance Granulometry: 1.0mm Thermal Conductivity: 0,18 W/mK Colour Range: Grey Type of Equipment: Spatula, mason’s trowel, sponge trowel, low speed mixer Diluted With: Water Coverage: 0.6 Kg/m2 per mm of thickness. For skim coating: 5-5.5 Kg/m2 on corrugated sheet.
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