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POLYBETON HT - Resinous Floors Ivas

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Three-pack coating based on polyurethane, cement and polyurethane resins. Coloured, suitable for floors subject to heavy loads and mechanical and chemical stresses. Particularly suited for warehouses, food industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, laboratories, workshops, refrigeration cells, storage areas. For professional use. Compressive strength >50 N/mm Elastic modulus 1530 N/mm2 Flexural strength A.S.T.M. D790/84° 35 N/mm2 Slip resistance, wet 75, dry 130 Abrasion resistance (Taber) 15 mg CS 17 1000 revolutions 1000 g Main Properties: Self-levelling; Thick Colour range: “Selezione SMALTI” colour chart (RAL Classic K7 section) IVAS Type of equipment: Serrated spatula and bubble-buster roller for thick applications. Diluted with: Do not dilute Dilution: Ready to use Coverage: 2 kg/m2 per mm of thickness

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