QUARZOPLAST - Paints and Varnishes - Low-Thickness Ivas
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QUARZOPLAST - Paints and Varnishes Ivas

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Wall Coatings

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High plasticizing synthetic-resin based product in dispersion; contains various additives to facilita facilitate application and film-forming as well as broad spectrum bactericides, fungicides and quartz sands of varying particle size. Product tested acc according to UNI EN 15824 for use of CE marking. For professional use. Main Properties: Fine-grained orange-peel finish Granulometry: 0.8mm Thermal conductivity: 1,28 W/(mK) Colour range: White and Colours can be achieved with the You Color tinting system Type of equipment: Brush, roller, metal trowel, plastic trowel Diluted with: Water Dilution: Ready to use; add a little water if necessary to achieve the right consistency Coverage: With the application of 1 coat: 1.25 m2/l Coverage per Pack: (14 l): 17.5 m2, approx. Coverage varies according to the roughness of the

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