VITA BIANCA - Paints and Varnishes - Sanitizing and Hypoallergenic Ivas
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VITA BIANCA - Paints and Varnishes Ivas

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Product certified as per Test Report no. 263/14/04 (ISPE): patch testing for the evaluation of skin irritation potential ISIP (immediate skin irritation potential) 0%; SIP (skin irritation potential upon repeated exposure) 0%. Created using raw materials that have been carefully selected to ensure that it is harmless to humans, it is particularly suitable to rooms accommodating allergy sufferers.Thanks to its particular components, the product can significantly reduce harmful emissions, including formaldehyde, present in interior finishes and furnishings. The disruptive action of aldehydes is certified by the Istituto Giordano (certificate No. 326956). For professional use. Main Properties: Improves living comfort; Low odour; Hypoallergenic Colour range: White Type of equipment: Brush, roller, airless spraying equipment Diluted with: Water Dilution: 40-50%=400-500 ml per litre of product Coverage: With the application of 2 coats: 4-5 m2/l Coverage per Pack: (12 l): 60 m2, approx. Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.

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