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IDROFLATTING OPACO - Paints and Varnishes Ivas

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Varnishes for Wood

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Transparent acrylic resin-based varnish, high quality and gloss finish. Contains U.V. absorber to ensure protection against ultraviolet light (greying, discolouration). Formulated to treat wood located outdoors. Available in gloss or matt finish. For professional use. Main Properties: High UV protection Colour Range: Transparent Type of Equipment: Brush, short-haired roller, spraying equipment (recommended pressure: 3/4 atm; Ø nozzle 1.5–2 mm) Diluted With: Water Dilution: With brush and roller 5-10% = 50-100 ml per litre of product; with spraying equipment 10-15% = 100-150 ml per litre of product Coverage: With the application of 1 coat: 7-8 m2/l Coverage per Pack: (15 l): 120 m2, approx. Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.

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