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Two-pack, non-yellowing, acryl-polyurethane enamel based on high quality pigments dispersed in hydroxylated acrylic medium with aliphatic isocyanate hardener. Gloss or matt finish. Highly resistant to chemicals, particularly acids, saline solutions and to exposure in aggressive industrial and marine atmospheres. Exceptional barrier against carbon dioxide penetration, excellent gloss retention. Specific for applications on concrete, suitable as a topcoat and dustproof coating for concrete floors and swimming pools. For professional use. Main Properties: Specific to protect concrete Colour Range: Transparent and colours can be produced with the You Color tinting system Type of Equipment: Brush, Roller, Spray equipment (recommended pressure: 7 – 8 atm Ø nozzle 1.5 – 2 mm) Diluted With: Diluente per Poliuretanici thinner Dilution: Max 10%, airless spraying equipment Max 15% Coverage: With the application of 2 coats: 4-4.5 m2/l Coverage per Pack: (15+5 l): 90 m2, approx. Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.

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