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SANASIL-BIO - Paints and Varnishes Ivas

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Indoor paint, with binder composed mainly of alka alkaline silicate in solution. It falls within Cla Class 1 under the European Commission decision to award the Ecolabel for indoor paints and varnishes varnishes, No 1999/10/EC of 18/12/98 V.O.C. determ determined by UNI EN ISO 11890-1 method 8.4 Given the particular characteristics of its formul formulation, it can also be applied to old wall pa paints, provided that they are well anchored to th the substrate.For professional use. Main Properties: Silicate base; maximum breathability; Suitable for breathable plasters Colour range: White Type of equipment: Brush, short-haired roller Diluted with: Water / Distilled Water Dilution: 20-30% = 200-300 ml per litre of product Coverage: With the application of 2 coats: 4-4.5 m2/l Coverage per Pack: (12 l): 54 m2, approx. Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.

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